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St Edward's College, established in 1929 has seen many changes over the years, both structural and educational. Our promise to students and their parents, is to have the student achieve his or her full potential while in our care. Our success is based on the belief that we must recruit, retain and continually provide Professional Development for the best educators available.

Whilst recognising that examination results are the currency in today's world we are not solely interested in teaching topics or subjects. We educate individuals. We very much believe in and live our mission statement;

'At St Edward's College we strive to create exemplary citizens in this increasingly globalised and technological world, placing strong emphasis on character formation, genuine intercultural understanding and leadership skills which will assist them to contribute to the well-being of society'.

We educate children to be responsible for their own learning under the tutelage of experienced educators, we educate students that they have a role to play in their own success, we believe that students should strive to be 'exemplary citizens', we have continuing success with our 'emphasis on character formation, genuine intercultural understanding and leadership skills'. This we are particularly proud of at St Edward's as we are acknowledged as being a College which turns out students of excellent character, confident in themselves whilst also being cognoscente of those around them.

The College welcomes students from local families as well as international families. This creates an open-minded environment for students to thrive and learn. We begin welcoming students from age 2 in our Early Years programme to age 18 in our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Although we are an all-boys school from age 5 - 15, we do accept girls in our Early Years programme and the IBDP. We also run as a Boarding school for students between the age of 11 and 18. Girls are also accepted as boarders if attending the IBDP course. More information about our Boarding section can be found here.

You can rest assured that our students, from the Early Years programme to our final Year 12 and 13 (6th Form) receive the best internationally recognised contemporary education available.

Students at St Edward's can sit the Maltese SEC 'O' Level examinations, the IGCSE 'O' Level examinations (Cambridge) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme examinations in their final two years.


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