Middle School

Middle School caters for boys for Year 7 (age 11) to Year 8 (age 12)

The raison d'etre of the Middle School is to make the transition from Junior to Senior School levels smooth and seamless. It offers a holistic educational programme that continues building on the foundations laid in the Junior School whilst also taking into account the boys' changing needs by supporting and promoting their physical and mental development through carefully constructed educational activities.

Students in the Middle School are at the age where they begin to aspire towards adulthood, and try very hard to "fit in" and establish themselves as individuals. As a result, boys at this particular stage of growth need lots of support to develop the necessary skills which are needed to make them truly independent and accountable for their actions.

The Middle School curriculum supports the needs and varied interests of our boys in an environment which is safe, yet not stifling, and thus allows our boys to develop a sense of independence and assertiveness.

Presently, the Middle School curriculum covers:







 Integrated Science



 Personal and Social Development

 Physical Education


 Social Studies


Students' progress is carefully monitored through formative and summative assessments and ongoing communication between parents and teachers. Our boys are encouraged to achieve their highest academic potential and to assume responsibilities that will help them develop qualities which characterise the true Edwardian, such as self discipline, independence, leadership and organisation. We also cater to our International students who may not take Maltese and Religion as subjects; during these periods we provide boys with extra lessons of English.

Students are also encouraged to actively participate in a wide range of sports, creative and performing art activities as well as a host of other extra-curricular activities. Participation in national and international projects, competitions and collaboration with schools abroad helps our students develop an interest in current affairs and adds a multicultural dimension to their educational experience at St Edward's.

During the last year in the Middle School, students receive help and advice from guidance counsellors in order to choose appropriate subjects which they intend to pursue in the Senior School and at post-secondary levels.

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Entry Requirements Years 7 and 8

Parents will be required to produce;
1. a copy of the student's birth certificate,
2. a copy of the student's passport,
3. a copy of the student's vaccination card,
4. a copy of the student's academic school report,
5. a doctor's note approving good health

Students will be required to sit for an English entry test upon registration. Students whose English (as determined by the College) falls below the minimum requirement will be required to attend a language course, the cost of which will be met by the parents. However we will provide extra English lessons during the school curriculum.




School hours




08:30 - 08:35


08:35 - 09:15

1st Period

09:18 - 09:58

2nd Period

09:58 - 10:18


10:18 - 10:58

3rd Period

11:01 - 11:41

4th Period

11:44 - 12:24

5th Period

12:27 - 13:07

6th Period

13:07 - 14:07


14:07 - 14:47

7th Period

14:50 - 15:30

8th Period










Mr William Watson
Head of Middle School
Telephone: 356 2788 1199
Mobile: 356 7777 1702






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