Senior School

Senior School caters for boys for Year 9, 10 and 11

Senior School at St Edward's College is a three year programme starting from Year 9 (Form 3) and ending in Year 11(Form 5). During this academic period our learners are being prepared to sit for their SEC O-Levels (national examinations) or IGCSEs (international examinations).

Our students' pass rates are significantly higher than the national average and the vast majority of our cohorts pursue further education that allows them to become professionals or achieve flourishing careers;

The core curriculum in the Senior School comprises:


 English Literature

 European Studies




 Physical Education

 Personal and Social Development



Students must also study 3 optional subjects, one of which must be a science subject;



 Vocational subject in Information Technology


 Business Studies


 Computer Studies




The Senior School section of the school strives to reinforce the core values that are imbued in all Edwardian learners. The St Edward's College educational programme is designed as a lifelong project that allows for a holistic development of its learners. Our aim is to contribute to the progress and future of society by offering an education that creates independent, caring and responsible citizens of the world. We provide our learners with all the necessary skills to actively participate in civil society and to excel in their life choices, being academic or not.

The age group of our secondary school boys is a very challenging period for them since it is a time in which they are trying to come to terms with physical and psychological changes that have deep rooted effects on their social lives and their worldviews. At St Edward's College we work hard to provide all the necessary support to help our learners successfully go through their adolescent years and achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Our school maxim of 'Virtue and Honour', are always at the forefront of our decisions and express the spirit of Edwardian education. We give our learners the necessary tools to improve themselves as individuals and to improve the world that they live in.

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Entry Requirements Years 9, 10 and 11

Parents will be required to produce; 
1. a copy of the student's birth certificate, 
2. a copy of the student's passport, 
3. a copy of the student's vaccination card, 
4. a copy of the student's academic school report, 
5. a doctor's note approving good health

Students will be required to sit for an English and Maths entry test upon registration. Students whose English (as determined by the College) falls below the minimum requirement will be required to attend a language course, the cost of which will be met by the parents. However we will provide extra English lessons during the school curriculum.

School hours



08:30 - 08:35


08:35 - 09:15

1st Period

09:18 - 09:58

2nd Period

09:58 - 10:18


10:18 - 10:58

3rd Period

11:01 - 11:41

4th Period

11:44 - 12:24

5th Period

12:27 - 13:07

6th Period

13:07 - 14:07


14:07 - 14:47

7th Period

14:50 - 15:30

8th Period

Mr Ryan Falzon

Head of Senior School
Telephone: 356 2788 1199


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