Our Academic Record

This achievement is brought about by the dedication of all staff, who meet the challenges of the curriculum and employ their best knowledge and skills to cater for the needs of individual students in a mixed-ability environment.

The quality of teaching throughout the College is of an exceptionally high standard; from Year 1 in the Junior School to Year 13 in the Sixth Form. Teachers expect boys to produce their very best work. Less than this is unacceptable. This ethos is likened to a continuous thread running throughout the two main Sections at St Edward’s.  

Each subject has its own Head of Department who looks after the curriculum and the ensuing syllabus so that work is continually progressive forming a smooth and appropriate learning curve for our boys. Although the College is split into 4 sections - Junior, Middle, Senior & Sixth Form - work is totally coordinated from Year 1 to Year 13 by Heads of Department.  This approach enhances the smooth transition of boys moving up from one section to another.

Members of staff are chosen carefully and we employ only the best in the particular field.

Classroom visits, appraisals and discussions are held regularly in order to hone in on the academic quality we offer at St Edward's College.


The Myschool website is a resource for parents, educators and the community to receive information about each student.

The publication of data on Myschool allows educators to share information about school achievements and characteristics with the aim of supporting and driving improvement. For parents, Myschool provides valuable information to help make informed decisions about their child's education.

Here is the link to our Myschool system


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