Boarding for Boys (aged 11 – 18) and Girls (6th Formers only – aged 16-18)

St Edward's College has been accepting boarding students since 1929. However, gone are the days when boarding meant living in long, Spartan corridors packed with rows of beds. St Edward's boarding facilities offer boys and girls unparalleled levels of comfort, privacy and cost without compromising any of the benefits and values which are associated with the more traditional boarding experience. Middle and Senior School Boys from the age of 11 upwards (Year 7 - 11) and Sixth Form students (boys and girls aged 16 - 18) are eligible to board at St Edward's.

Pastoral Care

The College's strong commitment to pastoral care and character development reassures parents that their children will receive the support and attention they need in a new environment which strikes the correct balance between academic excellence and fun. St Edwards Student Support services include Career Guidance, Counselling Services, TEFL support and Special needs.

During their free time boarders can engage in a number of activities in Malta, most popular being water activities like snorkeling, sailing, canoeing, waterpolo and windsurfing.

We do occasionally organise weekend activities for boarders according to their preference. Amongst which are bowling, go karting, camping, BBQs, cinema and day trips to Gozo.


Senior School students are prepared for national (SEC) and International (IGCSE) examinations for which we are recognised centre. The Sixth Form is approved by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The College is also recognised and audited by the Ministry of Education Malta. Study sessions are organised by College to ensure that our students receive the time needed to learn while also being aware of recreational and free time.

Please note that International students and aspiring Sixth Formers must satisfy certain criteria before they are considered eligible to become students at St Edward's College. All necessary information can be found on our IB section.

Facilities and Welfare

Boarding facilities at St Edward's College have recently been extended and refurbished with rooms being redesigned to take into account the needs of a modern boarding school. Students who board at St Edward's live in spacious and comfortable twin or single rooms which overlook the vast college grounds. Female boarders, between the age of sixteen and eighteen, live in a separate section of the College in rooms that are significantly larger and can comfortably accommodate up to three female Sixth Formers. All students have their own bed-side table, full-sized wardrobe, lockable desk as well as ample work space with internet access. It is important to note that only students of similar ages will share units.



Meals at St Edward's are prepared based on healthy eating with varied, nutritionally balanced options. Our food is freshly prepared daily using local ingredients. We encourage students to eat well and try new things and we cater for vegetarians.

A boarding kitchen focused on a healthy balanced diet inclusive of genuine ingredients delivered to high standards - Mr Cassar and Mr Tierney; Chefs in our Boarding House.

Breakfast is available to them from their kitchenette in their common room.

If your child has a food allergy or any special dietary requirements then we will be able to provide a suitable diet to take this into account.

For your peace of mind, students are looked after by a dedicated team of caring staff with 24 hour supervision. Any serious medical matters are attended to by an on-call GP.

A spacious and comfortably furnished living area and TV common room, located just opposite the students' bedrooms, provides a space in which students can wind-down and feel utterly at home after a day's schooling.

The entire boarding block opens onto a long, arched, colonial-style terrace that offers a spectacular view of the College's serene and lush garden and Malta's famous bastion-enclosed Grand Harbour.

The College boasts extensive sports facilities which include a modern fitness and gymnastics centre, new state-of-the-art 8 lane track with a 9 aside pitch, two 7 aside football pitches, volleyball courts, multi-purpose sports arena inclusive of mini basketball courts, full-sized basketball court, a tennis court and indoor table-tennis.

Simply put, St Edward's Boarding School offers a 'home away from home' on an island which is not just renowned for its safety and serenity but one which also offers high standards of education. It is also worthwhile to note that the majority of foreigners wishing to move to Malta will appreciate the fact that Maltese in general are competent speakers of English.

An important aspect of every international boarding school, especially one which is approved by the IBO to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, is the fact that our boys and girls will learn to integrate with other youths of different nationalities and from all aspects of society. St Edward's Boarding truly creates responsible, independent  citizens of the world. 

Getting Around

Just a few minutes walk from the College is the city of Birgu where one will find a luxury yacht marina. Here students can find a beautiful promendade full of coffee shops and restaurants.

From here students may also catch a short ferry trip to the capital city of Valletta. Also from Valletta one can catch another ferry to Sliema. This form of transport is a quicker way of tavelling between these cities.

This is the link to the ferry schedule. Here you will find the fares for each trip and the timings.



VISA/Residence Permit Support

Once a non-EU boarder arrives in Malta and begins tuition at St Edward's College, either a guardian or an agency representative would need to begin the process of applying for a residence permit.

By law, all non-EU students residing in Malta for an extended period must apply for a residence permit. Once this is received, the student is authorised to reside in the country for a stipulated period of time.

For more information please visit Identity Malta.

Should you wish to apply for boarding please contact for further information. When applying for boarding at St Edward's College, the following forms would need to be completed:

Head of Boarding
Telephone: 356 2788 1199
Mobile: 356 7782 5978 / 356 7777 1263



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