Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation Procedures


In the event of the necessity to evacuate one of the College's sections namely Main Building, Middle School, Junior School, Kindergarten and Hall, the following procedures have to be observed. Please note that the same evacuation procedures exist for all the sections. When one section of the College evacuates, ALL sections will follow.


Main Building: There are three switches situated in the Main Building, one on each floor next to the staircase.

Middle & Senior School: There are two switches situated in the Middle School. One on each floor next to the staircase

Junior School: There are two switches situated in the Junior School. One on each floor next to the staircase

Kindergarten: KG1 Building - There is one switch situated in the corridor next to the yard.  KG2 / Nursery building: There is one switch situated on the ground floor between the Nursery classroom and the Activity Room.

Hall: There is one switch situated in the landing

When one of those switches is pressed to on position, siren/s of that particular building will go on. Once the siren/s of the building concerned is/are activated, staff/students of that building have to proceed to the relative Assembly Point. Teachers in the first evacuation zone (where the emergency first started) must designate a person to telephone/inform Bursar, Head of Sections, or Headmaster to notify of evacuation who will  then advise other sections. ALL other sirens are to be activated by senior or admin staff.


In the cases of the Kindergarten and Junior School, the assembly area is located on the turfed lawn situated between the two schools clearly marked as ASSEMBLY POINT 1 and ASSEMBLY POINT 2 respectively.

The assembly area for Senior School students is located in the football ground between the chapel and the kindergarten play-area (the area with a concrete surface), clearly marked as ASSEMBLY POINT 3 and ASSEMBLY POINT 4.

In the case of Year 6 and Year 12 students / staff, these are to assemble in ASSEMBLY POINT 5 situated between the chapel and the kindergarten play-area (the area with a concrete surface).


  1. If a teacher becomes aware of fire in the College during a lesson it will be his/her responsibility to alert the rest of the school by activating the nearest siren only after evacuating students in the immediate area. This same teacher should notify colleagues in neighbouring classes to start evacuating.  In the case of a small fire that can be extinguished, do so only after students have been evacuated and ONLY if it is safe to do so
  2. Students should be calmly asked to exit the classroom and WALK in orderly lines to the relative assembly point. At this point the persons-in-charge (teachers, librarian or First Aider) have to make sure that all the pupils are accounted for. Any students who have been given permission to use the toilets have to proceed to the assembly point and make the person-in-charge aware of his presence.
  4. Teachers:
    1. Take your Attendance Books with you.
    2. Check that all students are out of the classroom.
    3. Check that all exits are clear.
    4. Close classroom door. DO NOT LOCK.  (entry may be required later.
  5. In the case of the Junior School students as well as the Year 7 & 8 students, the lines have to be organised according to classes. Year 9s, 10s and 11s students will line-up according to their Houses. Once the students are in the assembly area, class teachers or House Tutors will take the roll-call and account for each child. The Headmaster's Secretary will provide up-to-date class lists with clearly marked absent pupils. Missing students have to be reported immediately to the person-in-charge who will organise a search.
  6. Students remain in orderly and silent lines until the siren/s have been switched off



Students WALK to the assigned place on the yard where they meet their House Tutors who have to take the roll-call.



Teachers should be familiar with assembly areas and evacuation routes designated for particular classrooms or areas.

All School Personnel are to take part in Evacuation Drills

Parents, guests and community people on the grounds during a drill must also participate.

Adults are reminded that no talking is allowed.  Please be good role models for the students.

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