In 2002 the Eco-Schools program was introduced to St. Edward’s by a group of teachers along with some other students. In fact, our school was chosen to take part in a pilot project, which launched an initiative in other local schools. Unfortunately, for a period of time the initial enthusiasm faded away.

However, as some of you may already be aware, EkoSkola has been up and running again since November 2011 at the College. This organisation now operates in most schools in Malta. EkoSkola’s main purpose is to make the world we live in an environmentally friendly place, especially within our schools. Our aim is to make our College environment a much greener and cleaner place.

Eco-School’s aim is to increase students' awareness of development issues in the context of the environment. In this way, students become more aware of such issues in their daily lives.

The committee has been working very hard over the last few months and so far everything is developing positively. We don’t currently have our own office (although we’re working on it) and we use the Art Room to meet and discuss various issues as well as keep records of all our meetings and plans. Thanks to our enthusiasm and dedication we hope to make a difference in the College.

Over a period of six busy months the Eko-Skola Committee has worked on various projects. These included awareness speeches throughout the school, fundraisers, a healthy living week, Batterina campaign and much more. (for more information about Our mission towards the Green Flag please click on Eko-Skola Progress)

As part of Eko-Skola the school took part in several activities outside the college; such as an outing to Xrobb l-Ghagin, participation in the EkoSkola Young People's Earth Summit and more... The EkoSkola Committee has made contact with various organisations such as the Health Promotion Unit and WasteServ.

The committee is run entirely by students in the Middle and Senior School. Another committee exists in the Junior School. The EkoSkola Committee is also in collaboration with the Students Council and Board.

The committee works in close contact with Ms. Audrey Gauci a National Eko-Skola Representative at St. Edward’s.

Thank you for all your support,
EkoSkola – St. Edward’s College Committe



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