What is Interact?

Interact Malta is an organization committed to engaging in our community. We are a collective of students who actively participate in a wide variety of humanitarian work. These activities can range from fundraisers, volunteering, raising awareness, and many others. We are a subsidiary of Rotary, which aims to help the community, in school and outside, by improving it in whichever way we can.

Current members:

Yahia Deghaili (president 2017-2018)

Clara Marano (Secretary)

Gianluca Desira Buttigieg (Actvity coordinator)

Julien Puech (Activity Coordinator)

Jae-min Kim (Treasurer)

Jeong-min kim (Application manager)

Benjamin Chiasson (Media and Marketing)

Victoria Storf (Media and Marketing)

Jake Woods

Dmytro Zagarodnii

Alessandra Spinoso

Alexander Botvinov

Mark Mikhailov

Chuwen Zhang

Anastasia Terentyeva

Mattia Darmanin

Martina Minardi

Yiyi Ni

Sofia Podorvana

Anastasia Zenina


Past presidents:

Michaela Giglio (2014-2015)

Mert Gulen (2015-2016)


Activities we've participated in so far:

Participating in the Monthly Maintenance Day at the Xemxija Heritage Trail

Bake sale organized at St Edward's College


Volunteer work at CSAF (Carers for Stray and Abandoned Felines)

Attending a district meeting of Rotaract La Valette



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