School Development

The fundamental purpose for School Development Planning is to make it easier for our College to devise and implement our own strategies for school improvement and to enhance the highest possible level of effectiveness for every student to succeed.

The ethos of St. Edward's College is crucial to successful progress. We embrace a culture of self-belief and responsive attitudes to change. Positive attitudes towards students, the constant encouragement of them in all aspects of their College life and instilling in them the belief that they can achieve, all contribute to the raising of standards. The prime aim of the School Development Plan is to raise standards.

Our core business at St Edward's College is learning both for students and staff. It is, therefore, logical and correct that our School Development Plan (SDP) directs all its energies into the improvement of teaching and learning in order that all students' attainment levels are raised and College's Mission Statement is achieved. The improvement of learning has its roots in the teaching staff's competencies. Again, it is, therefore, logical and correct that significant energy be put into developing competencies and assessing that development.

 The following are the main 'Key Areas' of our School development Plan (SDP)

  • School Ethos & Philosophy
  • School Climate
  • Curriculum & Organisation
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Good behaviour
  • Professional Development
  • Resources for learning
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Inclusion
  • Intercultural understanding

The School Development Plan incorporates a well defined vision to address three (3) fundamental goals:

  1. Creating a professional School culture based on collaboration (team building)
  2. Encouraging teacher development
  3. Helping teachers solve problems together more effectively - the idea of collegiality

The challenge for our community of learners is the understanding that to convert the vision into practice there must be a lateral development - all teachers giving and receiving help, in effect, building capacity and shared commitment, across the College ( Michael Fullan).

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