Student Support Policy

Our Pastoral Care policies ensure that all boys are treated as individuals by all members of the College community.

Junior School and Middle School boys have a class tutor who acts as their point of reference for the academic year. The class tutor is the ‘parent’ away from home and any concerns, troubles or particular questions boys have should be addressed to their class tutors.

The class tutor addresses general as well as specific issues with his or her class every morning before the commencement of lessons.

The Senior School boys are organised according to a House system. The College is divided into three Houses – Campbell, Congreve and Ducane – and every student belongs to a House.

Senior School House Masters have the role of class tutors. Every morning senior boys meets in their House Tutor’s room for registration, news and advice ranging from study hints to homework preparation. As in the case of Class tutors in the Junior and Middle Schools, boys can seek their House Tutor’s help at any time during the day if they feel the need to do so.

Student Support Department:

The student support department at our College is made up of the inclusions section, career guidance and student support.

The School INCO (Inclusive Education Coordinator) is in charge of support students with individual educational needs as well as the Learning Supports Assistants (LSAs) iinvolved. She/he organises yearly IEP (Individual Educational Porgramme) and MAP (Making Action Plans) meetings with parents and teachers in order to provide the best learning opportunities possible.

Student Support:
This service is offered to all the students at the College. Ms Pullicino, a child and adolescent psychology practitioner, works hand-in-hand with teachers and other staff members to ensure the emotional wellbeing of the students. She provides weekly on-to-one sessions with students who need guidance during a difficult time. Ms Pullucino is alos responsible for conduscting observations in class in order to screen for possible difficulties students may have.

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