Why Malta?

Malta offers many attractions to potential residents, the main ones being:

i)  Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese.

The majority of Maltese are bilingual and a little knowledge of English is all you need to get around the islands. In addition to this the English language is the academic language of the island. Therefore all lessons or lectures are delivered in English.

St. Edward’s teachers, of course, speak fluent English with some having as many as four languages at their disposal.

ii)  Malta is safe.
The Maltese population’s character is typically Mediterranean – welcoming, friendly and helpful. Crime rates are low. Parents should put their mind at rest when coupling this information with the fact that St Edward’s boarders will be sleeping in securely monitored premises.

iii)  The climate is as welcoming as the people.        
Malta’s weather is also typically Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers. Winter days have an average of 6 hours of sunshine whilst this doubles in summer!

iv)  Malta is an historical and cultural hub in the Mediterranean.
Maltese culture carries the influences of Roman, Phoenician, Arab, Spanish, Italian and English cultures. No other country in the world has as many historical sites per square mile! Quite simply, it is an extremely interesting place to live in.

v)  Malta is a modern and competitive EU member-state.
The young find the islands appealing and dynamic. Despite its conservative laid-back charms, Malta offers everything that a modern EU member can offer.

More information can be found in the official site for the Maltese islands:


vi)  Malta has a history of high academic standards and achievements.

The University of Malta is an internationally recognised university which traces its roots back to the late 16th Century. Throughout the years it has produced a number of names that have made significant contributions in various fields of knowledge.



It is possible for International IB graduates of St. Edward’s to continue their studies at this renowned university once the desired amount of points have been gained.

Please visit the following link for more information about the University of Malta

St Edward’s College has also been a main contributor of professionals who have gone on to excel in various fields both locally as well as abroad.




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